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Photo: Jea: Ilumio Jewels Family being newcomer designers at Designers Open Leipzig, October 2018.

What are Ilumio Jewels? > Necklaces with light and switch.

Make your own way of light.

Please choose your zodiacal sign within illuminated jewels, either manufactured within an oyster or within a shell made of copper.

The light dimensions are completely different:

Designer statement necklace with light – Ilumio Oyster

Designer statement necklace with light – Ilumio Copper

Light in oysters spread the light more widely
and present a more translucent effect to your cleavage.
Copper shells focus your light
coming from the holes which form your zodiacal sign.

Because I am enchanted by light and have a huge lamp collection at home made by artists, designers and crazy people, I thought of contributing to our light surrounding by giving birth to great but decent luminous atmospheres with light. Because I never saw any illuminated and at the same time esthetic jewel I invented my first illuminated Ilumio Jewel necklace in the year 2015.

Going out at night, walking on the street, going out to dance, dining in an restaurant, city- and partyhopping at night, climbing in nocturne mountains, sitting on a meadow at night, illuminating your Christmas Tree, sitting on the sofa and glowing … every step you take at night with your Ilumio Jewel will astonish.

Please watch my Welcome-Video.

As I am a german girl you buy products MADE IN GERMANY.

High Precision + Art Vision.

Certification and Registration of Ilumio Jewels


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