That’s me!

I am curious to live the world.

I studied journalism, French and Spanish philology in Germany, France, Spain, USA and Mexico. These are the treasure places of my educational time. I keep the rememberings of living in these cultures and families as huges treasures.

I worked in companies and also as a freelancer as:

web author
dance teacher
language teacher for children
Sales Manager for technical products for France and Spain
panning and performance of international industry fairs and city festivals
Online-Marketing: E-Commerce, SEO, Mobile, Social, WordPress, HTML/CSS, Adobe Photoshop, In Design, Illustrator, Premiere and After Effects

Please see my curriculum here.

Light Love

I love light. I have a really strange and overwhelming lamp collection at my home: some call it “Antjes private lightning store!”

Different lights enchants in different rooms new atmospheres, it opens or closes your heart, it establishs confidence or builds up angst!
For my dance-picture-projects I like to discover esthetic nature scenes with 3 p.m. light of warming yellow sun.

With Ilumio Jewels I want to enable you to take with you your favourite light > being confident, happy and proud enlightening your world.


KOMIKI – Cooking and dancing with children

KOMIKI is my cultural activity birthday afternoon for children: cooking in English, Spanish or French.

During this birthday party we also step into childrens hero characters and dancers charcters. We use a lot of dance accessories (tambourine, belly dance scarfs, princess crowns and tricorns, treasure chests, flowers for the waltz of the flowers). While our preparated meals are in the oven, we create things like to sew pigtail jewelry or the boys make helicopters with real led light.


My dance classes for children and adults lead into dance theaters to recent society subjects like my first one “Dancing on your tongue” (2013/14). I dance my ideas accoring to our food world and alimentation habits.

Therefore I sew costumes, build visionary music instruments and think of new dance accessories answering to my dance themes, because we talk with the body.