Mermaid and turtle – Your inner beauty

“Dear little mermaid, where is your ocean?”, asks the turtle.

Memaid: “Im stuck on a sandbank.”

The turtle takes a deep sigh and says seriously:

“My dear! You’re just natural.

You’re bubbling over with ideas.

You swim arround all over.

Your little fishes love to watch you dancing in the sea.

But well, still you are unlucky. – That#s a pity. So why?

Oh, I see, you ant to share your love and yout adventures; with a partner.

He does not know you’re here.

How may he find you, my dear, little mermaid?

You could beautifully sing and spread your voice all over the ocean like waves.

You could scream out loudly.

You could dabce wild and sexy. Yes, maybe with your belly.

You could sprawl yourself lacivious among the anemones.

You could nudge him or even pull his legs. – No, better, not pulling, he might fall.

You could cook up a story and invent a palace for the two of you.

You’re just great, smart, beautiful andkeen, like a angels voice. –

Hey, what are you doing there ?”

And the little mermaid just swit hes on the light within her mussel.

Suddenly the prince sees her and wants to join her swimmung to the coloured coral reef.

Haven’t you always been too curious to know what is inside of your mussel?

Show your inner beauty.

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