Dancing at a Beach Party, wearing cocktail dress jewelry or party jewelry, hosting the operas ball, attending a Gala Dinner, Cande Light Dinner, enjoying yourself at a wedding or being on vacation with your family , Ilumio Jewels is your secret insider’s tip. You will glow yourself with your personal jewelry with your zodiac sign.

Some clients wear the Statement Necklace not only arround their neck, but also as table decoration ornament, wall mural decoration or even night light for the baby.

The newest design has it’s origin in the idea of a man, who visited my fair booth at the art fair  “Designers Open” in Leipzig. He asked me to drill in the pattern of the historic stary plate “Himmelscheibe Nebra” in the Copper Ilumio Jewels.  – Such a neat idea, thank you!

Some women take their zodiac sign necklace on their journeys: Ilumio Jewels has been to Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur, at Bali in Canguu, in the USA in Saint Augustine, Jacksonville, Des Moines, Philadelphia, Dallas and for instance in Germany in Leipzig, Berlin, Frankfurt, in Egypt in Dahab, in Portugal in Lisboa, in Hungary in Budapest, in der Slowakia in Bratislava, in Czech Republic in Bratonice, Csesky Krumlov, …

The mussel jewelry has a huge effect at night, when it is dark.

Visit a festivals dinner and illuminate everyone. A perfect occasion for this kind of event jewelry is almost everywhere where the candle light surrounds you.

But you may also wear Ilumio Jewels daily at the office. You show your distincted taste and character.

By the personality among the bride maids of the best friends wedding. As bridal jewelry Ilumio Jewels shines under the sun.

Yes, even fireflys entered a Ilumio Jewels shell at night on a meadow, to light comunicate with it.

With your zodiac pendant in a unique oyster you show how individual handemade jewelry can be.

The rough oyster has a rustic shell and a smooth mother of pearl inside. Your individual oyster jewelry was made by the young designer Antje Lempart-Ober.

Allow yourself this fancy trendy jewelry. Ilumio Jewels is an exclusive als costume jewellery.

This shining nature jewelry is sustainable and recycled. The artist rescues oysters shells from the garbage bin.

Look at your oyster with its fissures and give it a log and infinite life. This is recycling and exclusive vintage jewelry.

The large necklace pendant makes you royal and iconic.

Light as jewelry.

Shine and swimm madonna-like.

Your inside glows like Firejewels or the Angels of the light therapy.

This exclusive bling jewelry fits your clothes in LED Fiber Optic or LED Fabrics. Ilumio Jewels comes with LED necklace, LED jewelry, LED natural jewelry and thus maked it  LED Fashion.

Regarding zodiac jewels, I see that zodiac necklaces are the piece of jewelry that are mostly worn. Right under you chin and neck, being right above the heart, is obviously a good place.

The large necklace has a large pendant.

I manufacture unique pieces of jewelry for you. Each oyster is an animal and has its personality and own look.

Designer Statement Necklace – Ilumio Oyster

Each mermaid desires a decorating light to be found by her prince. Ilumio Jewels is mermaid jewelry and oceans jewelry.

Wear your shining ocean jewel as light jewel according to the sun.

Mermaid dance and Belly Dance and woman, who like to learn Mermaiding to know how mermaids swim, love ocean treasures, when going out after dancing and swimming. It just goes with their hobby and style.

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