The Ilumio Story

Well, in 2015 I went to a jewelry workshop at GRASSI Museum für Angewandte Kunst Leipzig.

I had sketched really precise ideas to make very filigree finger rings. I love rings and was inspired by playful interactive rings, which I had seen in Taxco (the mexican silver town) at in 2006 our students exploring expedition among Prof. Dr. A. de Toro with the aim of reasearching for our final thesis.

Well, very unusually for me, tooling metal was very hard. I did not move at all after half an hour with the saw on the metal: 3 mm maybe. And me fingers were aching.

The handsome conductress of the workshop was circumvent by people and a little nasty boy, who just always crossed the line and took the worthy instruments without knowing how to handle them. The artist lady was really busy handling this.

Well, so I did not want to wait or pushing or crossing lines myself.

I found a copper shell and a ball punch and beated it in its ank to get a deeper concavity and rid of my anger. So actually the idea came to me out of an inner frustration.

As I love light and have a great lamp collection at home, I thought of drilling different hole sizes according to stars or zodiacal signs and to built in a light set on the inside.

Building the light set was not possible at the museum, I had to look for specific material and specific working devices at specialty stores.

And one day, my ilumio jewel was illuminated like magic.

Eating great seafood at a handsome art-food restaurant in Leipzig, Ping-Ping, I got the idea to use the shells of oysters to build my jewels. > Well this worked too! I use the wavy oysters Fines de Claire or the slightly green-covered oysters of Gillardeau, the Tsarskaya, Ancelin and Oysters from the Normandie.

The difference between the metal and the nature material is, that the illuminescence is different: totally opaque or partially transparent. > Both are charming either way.

My brain keeps attacking me with more ideas, which primarily have to be saved in idea books!

Time to come …

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