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Designer Statement necklace with LED – Ilumio oyster and Co.

Light in natural treasures spreads the light hues more widely and gives an harmony of light on your decollete.

illuminated oyster in colour hues: light green, white, black, grey or with vegetation, like barnacles or metal parts:

optionally decorated with gold-bronze shims:

pilgrim scallop shells:


other shells: queen scallop with barnacles, sea urchin, nautilus:

goose eggs:

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As soon as you have chosen your favourite model, please contact me.

Write me an e-mail:

Than we will choose your unique nature material in mussel, shell, oyster, pilgrim scallob, sea urchin, nautilus, goose egg and talk about the drilling design and LED light. Each model is made specially for you and according to your private zodiac birth sign or own design.

You may also prefer the metal material in reddish copper shell and talk with me about your design vision. This material changes its colour during the burning process often into purple and rainbow-oily hues. It’s just pretty and seems to be alive.

I will also explain you, how to handle the jewelry and how to change its batteries. That is possible for everyone.

For the models with flat batteries, I recommend to use tweezers.

For the models with small batteries inside of the twistable light, you just need your hands and transparent tape.

If you wish, I will provide a short video, showing you the different methods of changing the batteries.

Let’s light our way.


Your designer from Germany

Antje Lempart-Ober


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