Your personal light

Shining shell jewellery. – Lifehack or Emotion?

I am enchanted by light and have a huge lamp collection at home made by artists, designers and visionary people.

Light creates decent luminous atmospheres and emotion.

Because I never saw any illuminated and at the same time esthetic jewel I invented my first illuminated Ilumio Jewel necklace in the year 2015.

Lifehack or Happiness?

Going out at night, walking on the street, going out to dance, dining in an restaurant, city- and partyhopping at night, climbing in nocturne mountains, sitting on a meadow at night, illuminating your Christmas Tree, sitting on the sofa and glowing … every step you take at night with your Ilumio Jewel will astonish.

Wear your Beauty Accessoire by night!

Make yourself shine when dating, at the opera and at gala dinner in a restaurant. – Happiness.

Your extravagant necklace illuminates your body whengoing out for a walk, dancing and at nocturnal adventures in the woods and world. – Happiness.

Shine like the sun, but at nighttime. Glow after sunset and saunter along the beach promenade. – Happiness.

Be the little mermaid yourself with the shining mussel. Your prince will find you when diving into the coral reef. – Happiness.

Illuminate your christmas tree with your fancy gadget LED Fashion necklace. – Ein Lifehack.

Ilumio Jewels is your friendly baby nightlight. – Ein Lifehack.